* Provide venting in the event of an internal explosion.

* Maintain seal to prevent escape of gases, and heat under normal conditions.

* Available in 2 sizes: Large and small

* Large model available with or without handle.

* Spring / bolt tension is adjustable.

* Very competitively priced.


click for more details on featured parts: 174, 176, 176-01, 176-02

Keywords: explosion venting latches,safety latch, venting latch, die cast latch, explosion latch, paint booth latch
Jun. 16th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products Compression Latches


* Tool, key locking and hand operated options offered

* Adjustable pawls accommodate multiple grip range requirements

* Reduce or eliminate rattles in vibration intense environments

* Provide adequate gasket compression in a multitude of  applications

* Multiple sizes, shapes and finishes offered


Featured Parts: 173CH, 2053ZN, 11-50CO50, 5-15BK, 4-38BK10, 44G, 9-22BK02, 7-02CH-8

Keywords: compression latches, lever latches, panel latches, draw latches, lift and turn latches
Jun. 14th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers one stop shopping for crating hardware. We have all the access hardware you need. Our prices are much lower than the big box home improvement stores, and MRO catalogues. SPEP offers a wide variety of products in various sizes, material and finishes.

crating hardware

click to learn more about featured parts: 2095, 2876, HTH5091, LSH3055, 20

Keywords: crating hardware, twist latches, hasps and staples, t-hinges, strap hinges, handles

Part numbers 1005SS & 1008SS are both  Sierra Pacific's unique stamped stainless steel versions of an industry standard hinge that is made of die cast zinc and chrome plated.

* Chrome plated cast version is prone to pitting when exposed to corrosive road salt, whereas stainless steel will not pit. 

* Cast hinges can fracture upon impact, stamped hinges will only dent.

Our stainless hinges offer numerous benefits and cost about the same as the zinc die cast legacy version.

Stamped SS Flush Hinges


Keywords: crating hardware, stamped ss hinges
Mar. 30th

Sierra Pacific provides a wide variety of door holders and hold backs for trucks, trailers, and service vehicles. With an assortment of styles, sizes, materials, and colors, Sierra Pacific Engineering has a door holdback for every application. If our stock items don’t meet your needs, we have a full Engineering team available to help design your next custom part.

Contact us, for pricing and availability


Keywords: Door Holders, Door Hold-backs, baggage door catch
Mar. 10th

Daylight Saving time begins at 2:00AM on Sunday March 12th. Don't forget to Spring forward 1 hour.


Mar. 06th

Sierra Pacific provides a wide variety of products for your watercraft.  With a complete line of Marine hinges and 316 Stainless Steel latches, we’ve got you covered.  Engineered to be tough, durable, corrosion resistant, and polished to a high luster finish.

There are dozens of stock sizes of butt and continuous hinges, but our engineers can also help design custom products to fit your needs.  The latches fit a range of panel thicknesses and are available in locking and non-locking versions.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Keywords: marine hardware, corrosion resistant, watercraft hinges
Feb. 21st

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products (SPEP) has just released a new line of fixed grip quarter turn latches with unique new aesthetics. Parts feature a large “mushroom head” plug, which is sleek, low profile, and comes in both matte black powder coat and textured chrome finishes. Nitrile face gaskets and internal o-rings make them water-tight and perfect to use for protecting electrical equipment per NEMA & UL type 12 or 4 industrial enclosure requirements (IP65 ingress protection seal).

Each of the three tool activated styles (slotted, 8mm square, & 7mm triangle) features a directional indicator dot on the face to let you know which way the cam is pointing even when the door is closed. Various zinc plated offset cams snap into place with the included detent washer and the two available body lengths (16mm & 24mm) allow them cover a wide array of possible grip ranges. Parts fit into the industry standard installation cut-out and can be easily swapped out with older quarter turns to modernize the look of your product.

contact us at to ask for a quote today!

Low Profile Quarter Turns

Keywords: Low Profile Quarter Turns, mushroom head plug, latches
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