Nov. 14th

Meet Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) new product family

Constant Torque Hinges

Highlights & Features:

• Option to choose from symmetric or asymmetric torque hinges
• Consistent torque performance over 25,000 cycles or more (20,000 for other competitors)
• Smooth & quiet operation over hinge lifetime
• Hinges have a 270° operating rotation
• Minimal to no spring-back or free-play
• Choice of higher torque options without compromising performance
• Automated assembly of hinges provides a consistency of quality and low cost
• All hinges are RoHS compliant

Contact a SPEP Sales Rep today for more info!

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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a great selection of lift-off hinges. Known in the industry as Loose Joint, Take-apart or Slip Joint hinges, they allow a door to be easily removed without removing the fasteners or using tools. Different material and finish options are available. Most hinges are available in stock and ready for shipping as SPEP stocks a huge variety. Contact us at for more information.

Stainless Steel Lift-off Hinges


Keywords: Stainless Steel Lift-off Hinges, industrial hardware, SS, loose-joint, take-apart, slip joint
Sep. 26th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a wide variety of T-Handles to fit all your needs. The latest addition to SPEP's extensive product catalog includes a patented stainless-steel, multi-point design with padlocking feature and a flush-folding T-handle for a sleek and modern appearance (part no. 496SS-L). Also available is Sierra Pacific's patented SS single-point, folding T-handle with nylon cam roller (part no. 479-KD). Contact us at for more information on these products.



Keywords: Folding T-handles, SS, stainless steel, padlockable

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products  recently released an additional version to its NEW family of L-handles. The new part features a padlockable aspect for added security. The new patented style will soon be available in different sized handles as well as various shaft sizes and finishes. Uses include: Electronic enclosures, backyard sheds, truck bodies and any other place an L-handle is currently used. Nema 4 and IP64 requirements are achievable by using purchasable gaskets. Call your SPEP representative for pricing and information.


Keywords: 3370LK New Heavy Duty L-Handle, industrial hardware, handles, electronic enclosures, backyard sheds, truck bodies, NEMA 4

Meet Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products latest addition to our Cabinet Latch accessories - Stainless Steel Tubular Rods!

The rods are made of strong tubular Stainless Steel material. Durable Nylon Wheels are assembled using 300-series Stainless Steel rivets. 

These SS Tubular rods are perfect, if ordinary steel rods just won't do.

SS Tubular rods can be made to special lengths or different hole patterns.  Other Stainless Steel cabinet latch accessories are available, such as Cams, Rod Guides and Bolts.

Contact us at for more information.



Keywords: Stainless Steel Tubular Rods, SS, industrial hardware
Jun. 27th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products announces the publishing of their new catalog.  We have added over 500 new products and have earned many new patents. It is available in both English and Spanish and can be downloaded from  Or call 800 433-5554 and we will be happy to send one out to you.


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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products now offers twist latch protector plates which protect latch from getting damaged, accidentally unlatching, or getting hooked on something during transportation.


Keywords: Surface Mount Twist Latch Protector
Mar. 07th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products now offers this new Lift Hinge. Do not worry about forgetting to close the door anymore with this innovative hinge because it uses the door's own weight to automatically close it. The video below demonstrates how this hinge works. Please contact a SPEP sales representative for any questions you may have.


Keywords: lift hinge, gravity closing, self-closing, automatically close door
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