Jim Topping became the first 100% vested retiree of the Sierra Pacific Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and Larry Mirick, CEO and Dave Mochalski, VP of Sales presented him with his retirement check.

Jim was a consummate customer service rep — he was great on the phone, he understood the customers’ needs and he excelled at figuring out what SPEP could do to help each customer. People really appreciated his caring approach and his can do attitude.

Jim joined SPEP back in 2004 and over the course of the next 10 years he contributed greatly to Sierra Pacific’s growth. In retirement Jim plans on staying active, riding his bike, and traveling with his wife. We were lucky to have him while he was here and we thank him for all his contributions.

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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is celebrating the 10th year anniversary of being a 100% employee-owned company. An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee-owner program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest in the company.

As such, the employees at Sierra Pacific have a vested interest in the performance of the company. This includes developing, designing, prototyping, quoting, manufacturing, and delivering high quality products. At every step of the process, employees take to heart SPEP’s motto: “Quality and Service Taken Personally.” They have a stake in the outcome of the company’s performance and they understand that their hard work and dedication directly correlates with the company’s growth.

Being an ESOP company serves as a great motivator for employees to give their best performance and willingly subscribe to the concept that our customers are our most valuable resource. We strive to serve as we would want to be served.

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Jun. 01st

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is celebrating 29 years in business.  Since our inception in 1986, SPEP has been providing high quality hinges, handles, and latches to OEMs. Over Half our business is comprised of custom parts that are not in our catalog.

We provide:

  • Engineering and Design Help
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • PPAP / Testing Support
  • Continuous Improvement – ISO Certified

Sierra Pacific Engineering values quality, safety, and innovation. At SPEP, each employee stands behind our products. This is because we are a 100% ESOP Company, and every employee has a stake in the business. We take great pride in the quality of each piece of hardware, and work tirelessly in the design and manufacturing of our products. Each individual piece of hardware is engineered with keen ingenuity and a commitment to excellence.  Our ISO 9001 certification reflects this commitment to excellence, and we are continuously striving to exceed standards.

SPEP’s shop floor and warehouses are completely automated and all orders received are updated real time across the entire ERP system, enabling good visibility to our staff and customers.

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May. 29th

With all the heavy rain in the Dallas, TX area most of the LTL truck carriers cannot pick up due to flooding.
Fortunately, the SPEP warehouse is unaffected and all carriers should be back to normal operations on Monday.
Texans have been praying for rain just not this much at one time.

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The sleek 173 latches are recommended for use when consistent gasket compression is required. By pressing down on the easy grip lever, the latch is easily closed and secured within the provided Keeper. The opening action helps to prevent doors from getting stuck.These heavy duty latches have been tested by SPEP for loads up to 500 lbs.

These latches are common in the industry, but only available in zinc alloy. Sierra Pacific is now offering these latch assemblies in 316SS material, broadening its use and applications.The surfaces of the 173SST latches are brushed for a high end look.

Please visit for more information on these latches.

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Dec. 02nd

The Engineers at SPEP were presented with a challenge – to design a strap hinge which will offer good corrosion resistance but without the high cost.  We succeeded in creating three Plastic Strap Hinges.  Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products’ innovative Plastic Strap Hinges are made of durable material with UV additives which will never rust or fade.  Three sizes are available to handle loads from 100 up to 400 lbs.  More information on these Plastic Strap Hinges can be found on our website at



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Dec. 01st

If you need to repair or replace the screen door latch on your RV, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products now offers three latches to choose from.  All latch types are available in Left Hand or Right Hand models.  Here is a simple tip on how to choose between a Left or Right Hand latch.  While standing facing your RV’s door, check where the door hinge is located.  Door hinges located on the left side of the door will require a Left hand latch.  Those with door hinges on the right will require a Right Hand Latch.  Door and Frame strikers are available for all latch types.  These latches have gone through and passed rigorous testing.

Please visit our website at for more information on these innovative latches.


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Nov. 26th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a large selection of Lift-Off Hinges.  Known in the industry as Loose Joint, Take-apart or Slip Joint hinges, they allow a door to be easily removed without removing the fasteners or using tools.  These hinges are available in Left Hand or Right Hand models.  Need help with picking the right hinge?  Let SPEP’s knowledgeable Sales Team help with your selection.  Different material and finish options are available.  Most hinges are available in stock and ready for shipping as SPEP stocks a huge variety.

Make sure to check out our recently expanded Loose Joint Hinge section!



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