SPEP: Industrial Hardware Suppliers

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is a global industrial hardware supplier to a diverse customer base of both OEMs and distributors. We are headquartered in Long Beach, California, and we also own facilities in Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Southern China.

At Sierra Pacific, we design and manufacture the highest quality hinges, latches, handles, and other hardware for a wide range of industries, including the electronic enclosure, marine, and automotive sectors. Our customers range from 20-person shops to Fortune 500 companies.

For OEMs requiring industrial hardware specifications not found in our extensive 4,000-item catalog, we offer custom engineering design services. SPEP holds more than 50 patents, some of which resulted from collaborations with other manufacturers, such as General Motors.

Our top-notch engineering department uses Solid Works 3D CAD for maximum productivity and a faster design process. With Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capability, our engineers can predict with accuracy how a product will function under real-world conditions.

Using our fused deposition prototyping machines (3D printers) Sierra Pacific engineers can design a part, do the proof-of-concept on the computer, and produce physical models made of ABS plastic within a matter of hours. This way, our customers can quickly and easily test a design, and request changes as needed.

Sierra Pacific received the ISO 9001 quality management certification in 2001. We use the Oracle Quality module and E-Business Suite for paperless operations. Our warehouses and shop floor are completely automated with work stations and forklifts connected to the ERP system in real time. All orders received are quickly updated throughout the system, enabling easy tracking for customers.

In 2005, Sierra Pacific became 100% ESOP-owned, so that each employee is personally motivated to ensure customer satisfaction. Based on the results of annual surveys for the past five years, 99.5 percent of respondents would recommend us as an industrial hardware supplier.

SPEP offers the highest value at competitive pricing. Contact us today for all your industrial hardware supply needs.


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