Stainless steel is a steel that has unique properties that make it ideal for many applications. Many manufacturers produce items that are labeled stainless steel but there are many different grades of the metal. We make some parts in 316 stainless steel which means the stainless steel is of a higher quality and will resists even the harshest conditions for years and years. Our 316 stainless steel industrial hardware will outperform any standard stainless steel when it comes to longevity and appearance quality. This is due to the higher chromium content than standard stainless steels that creates a tough barrier to oxidation and staining.  If you want your industrial hardware to last a life time 316 stainless steel is your best option.

SPEP prides itself on the quality of products and level of customer care we provide. If you think we can supply you with a product we have listed on out site or you have an idea for a new one, please give us a call at 310-608-0693.

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