Barrel Hinges

Weld-on hinges or barrel hinges function just like most hinges, however they are mounted with a weld instead of fasteners. This allows them to be mounted to a variety of surfaces where it may be impractical to mount a standard hinge and are also great for heavy duty applications. In situations where the mounting material is very thick, fastening becomes difficult as holes must be drilled and then tapped in order to affix the hinge to the material.  The trucking and trailer industry have used these hinges to create dependable doors and gates so that their strength and reliability have already been proven.  Barrel hinges have a weld guide to create a larger weld area for faster installation and excellent holding strength. Materials available include aluminum, stainless steel and steel so that they may be suitable in a variety of applications. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has also designed many of the hinges with a built in grease fitting in order to allow easy lubrication of the hinge in order to increase part life and ease of use. One of our newest features with some of our weld-on hinges are weld guides. These guides help to align the round hinge on a flat surface which can normally be a little tricky. Once the part is aligned the hinge can be welded just like a normal barrel hinge. At SPEP we take great pride in the quality of all of our products. This can be seen in our designs and manufacture of our products as well as our ISO 9001 certification. This certification shows our commitment to quality is a step above and is always on our mind.  We are also a 100% ESOP company, so our company name doesn't just stand behind our product, we do too.

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