A recessed drawer pull is one that mounts flush with the mounting surface. This enables the handle to protrude from the surface only a small amount creating a very clean look.  At SPEP we have designed our recessed handles in plastic and stainless steel to match the look you were going for.


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Draw latches are latches that "pull" the keeper in towards the latch itself causing the latch to be in tension when it is closed. At SPEP many of our latches can be considered to be heavy duty. These latches are designed to take large loads and are made with the highest quality of material.


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Jun. 27th

SPEP is a world leader in manufacturing and selling heavy duty steel hinges for a wide range of uses. We make hinges for everything from large trailers to military vehicles. These hinges are designed to take heavy loads and still continue to provide excellent service. The stainless steel heavy duty hinges will also provide long lasting corrosion resistance for harsh environments.


If you have any questions on how our hinges can work for you, please call our excelent sales team at 310-608-0693

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SPEP has created a line of stainless steel hinges that are second to none. These hinges can withstand extremely harsh conditions due to their reistance to corrosion and wear. These hinges can also help to reduce the long term costs of repairing old worn hinges because they will simply last longer than a standard steel hinge.

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A piano hinge is basically a continuous hinge that is constructed with thin material to reduce their size and create a discrete hinge. However these hinges have found uses in many industries besides the music industry. We a SPEP have recently added aluminum piano hinges to our product line in order to create a light weight and more corrosion resistant hinge to our valued customers.

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Footman Loops are great attachment points for straps due to their low profile and wide shape. For example they make excellent door stops by simply attaching one loop to the door and one to the frame with a strap in between. This will prevent a door on and RV or anywhere else from overextending and damaging the handle or siding. We recently added Stainless Steel Footman Loops to our product line which resist corrosion in even the worst conditions.

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Jun. 24th

Twist latches are used in nearly every industry for a multitude of latches. Twist latches are commonly called butterfly latches as well. We make twist latches for every industry, with options in stainless steel or steel, and in small, medium and large sizes.

If you have any questions regarding our line of butterfly latches in all of our different varieties, please feel free to give our talented sales team a call at 310-608-0693.

Butterfly Latches

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