Custom Latch Solution

One of our specialties at SPEP is our ability to quickly and efficiently design and produce a completely custom piece of hardware for your product. Here is the story of one of the many custom latches we make. Our customer made waste water sampling products and would buy a semi-custom rubber component from one manufacturer,1 spring from a spring manufacturer, and 9 stainless steel components from a contract manufacturer.  After acquiring all of these subcomponents, our customer then assembled their latch in house. Sierra Pacific approached them with a turnkey solution. We now supply the latch “ready to mount” out of the box (see the photo below). The customer now has to keep track of one SKU as opposed to the previous 11 subcomponents. Not to mention saving labor for the assembly of the latch.


If you have current an idea for a custom piece of hardware or already assembling it yourself please call our talented sales team at (310) 608-0693. We are a 100% ESOP and ISO 9001 certified company.




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Create Your Own Hinge

For every task there is the right tool for the job. Many times that tool can be found as an off the shelf item but occasionally the right tool must be made just for that task. We at Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products are here to provide the tool you need for your product. If you look below you can see a rather unique continuous hinge we provided to a customer that makes rolling catalog cases. This hinge allows our customer to sew the hinge directly into the case creating a more durable and professional case. This hinge is a completely custom solution that we were able to develop for the customer.

If you believe your product needs its own custom piece of hardware like a hinge or handle please give us a call. Our talented sales and engineering tea will help to develop the best product for you. To assure you that we produce quality goods we have become ISO 9001 certified in 2003.


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Truck Body Latches

All work trucks need some way to hold all the equipment whether that be tools, supplies, or lunch. This is why we have created latches specifically design for truck bodies and cross body tool boxes. These latches mount flush to the mounting surface to reduce the chance of something snagging on the latch or becoming damaged by other objects in the truck. These latches can be used with a regular cam for small to medium sized boxes or used with a rod system for use on a cross body tool box. Non-lockable and lockable versions are also available to increase the security of your truck.  

Stainless Steel Truck Body Latch

We specialize in custom industrial hardware for every industry. If you think our stainless steel truck body latches can work for you please call our sales team and we can assist you in one of our off the shelf items or a custom piece for you.

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HVAC Handles


We at Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products produce a wide variety of handles for a wide variety of industries. One of our more popular lines of handles serve the HVAC industry. These plastic HVAC handles are tough, robust handles that can withstand large changes in temperatures and the outdoor elements. There are some large advantages to plastic handles one being that they are not susceptible to corrosion like a steel handle would be. Also these handles have the advantage of being very economical compared to their steel counterparts. All of the plastic HVAC handles come with an O-ring to prevent water intrusion in to the cabinets keeping your components safe at all times.



1157-01 Plastic HVAC Handle

If you feel like our HVAC handles will work for your product please feel free to contact us. Keep in mind we also create custom hardware to ensure your product work just as you designed it.

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Mar. 19th

     Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is introducing a brand new line of lashing rings. This line of 5 rings varies in strength from 4,000 lbs. to over 15,000 lbs. What makes these lashing rings special is they manner in which the ring is made. It is a forged ring meaning the material is pressed in to shape at high temperatures to create the desired shape. This creates a much stronger ring than using regular wire for the ring.  These lashing rings can be used in a variety of applications like being mounted to the bumper of trucks or for securing large objects during transportation.  These parts are great if you need a dependable lashing ring that will keep your objects secure.


     SPEP is an ISO 9000 certified company producing only the highest quality hinges and industrial hardware. We have grown through the years by meeting every customer specification and ensuring we meet their expectations. If you feel we have hinge for you or if you would like a custom made industrial butt hinge please give our talented sales team a call at (310) 608-0693.

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