P/N 306 A Handle Designed For Strength.

The 306 handle was developed due to a customer not being satisfied with their cast handle. The customer used these handles on enclosures that housed expensive electronic equipment.  When enclosures were placed in rural areas, they sometimes fell victim to vandalism.  Vandals soon figured out that a strong impact could fracture the handle. So SPEP developed a handle with a robust design to withstand abuse.  Our handle and lock tabs are made from .25” thick steel to prevent it  from coming apart when subjected to the impacts of a hammer. It would deform and bend from the impacts but never crack apart.


If a robust handle is what your enclosure needs, PN 306 is the handle to do the job. We are also very experienced in developing custom hardware products to fit your application. Please give us a call at (310)608-0693 to talk to our experienced sales team.



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