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Twist Latches

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has designed twist latches, wing latches, and butterfly latches for any type of enclosure. The flush-mounted design makes them especially useful in circumstances where the latch needs to be unobtrusive and compact. These latches allow users to engage or disengage a hook from a keeper with a simple twisting motion. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products we have designed our twist latches so that the wing that engages/disengages the latch and can fold down to lay flat on the latch. This is great feature for enclosures that are moved around a lot or for an enclosure that must be as thin as possible.

At SPEP we understand that proper design and function is just as important as overall quality. This is why we have made several different twist latch designs. Each design is made from high quality steel and stainless steel to resist corrosion in damp conditions. We have also included a padlock eye in some of the twist latches in order to make the enclosure more tamper resistant. These latches are also available in a variety of different configurations and sizes to accommodate a large variety of enclosures.

We are a 100% ESOP company meaning only our employees own the company. Therefore quality and customer satisfaction are always on our mind and our ISO 9001 certification shows that even more. We take great pride in our products and services so if you feel we can assist you with any of our products or perhaps a custom part please feel free to call and speak to our excellent sales team.

             P/N 209501SS                                                  P/N 2085                                                         P/N 2089BK01

               P/N 2091LKSS01                                                 P/N 2095                                                       P/N 2098


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Adjustable Plastic Friction Hinge

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is proud of offer our custom Adjustable Plastic Friction Hinges in with a wide selection of configuration options to suit your needs. Our Adjustable Plastic Friction Hinge is carefully engineered to allow door positioning at any angle, often eliminating the need for gas springs or lid stays. This efficiency will maximize the amount of usable space inside an enclosure and reduce costs. The desired tension of the Adjustable Plastic Friction Hinge is achieved by adjusting with an Allen wrench. Screw caps cover the fasteners and add to the sleek and minimalist appearance of the hinge.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has also designed these Plastic Friction Hinges in three sizes to accommodate doors of various weights and sizes. The plastic is UV stable, and all the metal components of the hinge are made from stainless steel, ensuring durability for outdoor and indoor uses. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we understand the importance of thoughtful engineering. For this reason, we have designed the mounting holes of our Plastic Friction Hinges to line up precisely with legacy products offered by competitors, making any design update convenient and affordable.

Quality is always of the upmost importance, and we strive to continually create products that meet every expectation. We are ISO 9001 certified, which helps to show our full commitment to top quality manufacturing. We are also a 100% ESOP which means our employees are the sole owners of the company, so everyone has a stake in our success.

               P/N FH100                                                                P/N FH150                                                         P/N FH200

                Small                                                                           Medium                                                               Large



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Stainless Steel Handles 

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we stand behind each and every handle that comes off the shop floor. Our dedication to our product stems from a confidence in the engineering of our stainless steel handle, which has been purposefully designed to eliminate wear and tear. Our stainless steel handles have been used in a variety of industries for different applications, such as lockers, vehicles, factory applications, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

We specialize in creating durable and highly functional stainless steel handles that last. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we value quality above all. We employ the best engineers in the industry and we stand behind our ISO9001 certification. We also pride ourselves on our streamlined production process, and we are able to offer competitively priced stainless steel handles without sacrificing quality.

Sierra Pacific Engineering values quality, safety, and innovation. Sierra Pacific Engineering is a 100% ESOP company, meaning that our employees are the sole owners of the company. At Sierra Pacific, we have found that because our employees have a personal investment in success, all of our products are crafted with keen ingenuity and a commitment to excellence.  Each individual piece of hardware is engineered with quality, safety, and innovation in mind at every step.  Sierra Pacific Engineering meets quality management standards and the needs of customers as an ISO 9001 certified company.

            P/N 309-SS-P                                         P/N 308SS-1250                                   P/N 3921


             P/N 324SS                                                  P/N 301SS                                            P/N 305B



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