A strap hinge is a type of hinge that is quite simple yet effective. It is generally made up of two leaves or flaps or one leaf and a butt.  One long flat leaf is fastened to the face of a door or a lid while the much shorter leaf or butt is attached to a stationary surface adjacent to the lid or door. The thickness of the leaf as well as its design allows the hinge to be both durable and reliable. Strap hinges come in different styles and sizes; they also come in different types of materials and finishes to fit various user applications and industries. Strap hinges can be used for aesthetic purposes or light duty use such as on a metal box for outdoor usage. These hinges can also be used for holding large gates and doors as well as in outfitting trucks and trailers. These particular hinges come with deep counter sunk holes so screws sit flush for a clean look after attachment.


Stainless steel strap hinges provide longevity, durability, and aesthetics. The material prevents corrosion even in marine or moist environments, which enables the hinge’s appearance and function to remain unaffected even when exposed to salt water. The material tends to be stronger than most which provides users with long-lasting reliability. The brushed finish on the hinge allows it to look great on whatever door it is fastened to. Though stainless steel strap hinges can be used in a variety of ways, this type of hinge is often purchased by customers who wish to use it on high end trailers and trucks for both its reliability and beauty.

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             H1020                                      H1021                                             H1021-01


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Stainless Steel Footman Loops

Footman loops are pieces of anchoring hardware used in a variety of ways including attaching straps to doors as well as other objects. These handle-shaped fittings are usually found on jeeps, boats, mechanic shops, attic doors, and even fire trucks. Bolts are used to attach each end of a footman loop to an object while the “handle” shape creates enough space between the fitting and the object, allowing an anchor strap or something similar to pass through it. Footman loops come in different lengths and mounting dimensions to suit different applications; larger loops are better suited for handling heavier loads or for attaching to bigger doors. Being made from stainless steel ensures that the footman loop has greater longevity and durability, even in corrosive or moist environments such as in or around salt water. Thus, stainless steel footman loops have long-lasting reliability.


                         P/N 9901SS                                                             P/N 9902SS


                           P/N 9903SS                                                             P/N 9904SS


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Print Pockets

Print pockets are simple enclosures that provide users with a place for storing documents that is both convenient and effective. This type of enclosure can be easily placed on a wall, a door, and even on the side of a machine. It is designed to provide quick access to important documents such as charts, diagrams, service records, operation manuals, and the like by eliminating the need to search for necessary documents in cabinets or drawers. Print pockets also have cut away areas that allow users to easily view the enclosure’s contents. They come in different sizes and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces using double sided tape for quick and easy installation or by using standard fasteners. 

                                                                                                                P/N 177P


                                                                                                                  P/N 179P



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Take-Apart Hinge

Also called slip joint hinges or lift-off door hinges, Take Apart Hinges are usually used to securely attach a lid or door but still allow for easy and quick removal without the use of any tools. This type of hinge, commonly used on removable lids, doors, panels, and gates, is perfect for lid or door enclosures that require frequent disassembly. Take Apart Hinges have three components: the male leaf, the pin that is attached to the male leaf, and the female leaf. With this kind of hinge, customers are able to save time because unscrewing the screws before taking out the hinge is no longer required. Instead, the hinge either slips apart or is lifted apart in order to remove the lid or the door.



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