Feb. 11th

Oil tight hole seals are used to cover conduit or push button holes as well as seal any openings to prevent dirt, water, dust, and oil from entering an enclosure. With this type of seal, users are able to cover enclosures without needing to create a new conduit box as well as allow them to reuse the hole should the need arise. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products oil tight hole seals come in various sizes, able to cover holes with diameters ranging from 3/16” to 4 5/8”. The seals come in two types: stainless steel with a brushed /grained finish and steel with a gray painted finish that matches ANSI 61 industrial enclosure cabinets. These robust materials ensure the durability of the seals in different environments. Each set includes a cap, an oil-resistant gasket, a backplate, and a wing nut. All Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products Oil Tight Hole Seals are UL 508A Recognized components.

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Feb. 05th

A tie down ring is a simple component that allows you to secure heavy cargo on trucks, trailers, and even military vehicles in order to keep it in place during transportation.   Our 898 tie down, awarded with Design and Utility patents, has a very unique design that can fit most, if not all, types of application. Multiple cargos can be secured using a single 898 tie down thanks to its double ring design.   The double rings are made of forged steel and the tie down assembly has been tested to withstand a maximum load of 3750 lbs. Another unique feature of the 898 tie down is the 360 degree rotating Center Bar. This allows the rings to swivel and match the angle that provides the best tension when in use. The presence of drain holes in this specially designed tie down ring prevents the possibility of water buildup.

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Feb. 05th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a wide selection of high quality wire pulls that come in various sizes and finishes. This versatile line of wire pulls offers both form and function to users. The handles have a circular gripping surface which enables users to grasp and pull from any direction. They are mounted from behind enabling the mounting screws (not included with the product) to remain hidden from view and not detract from the wire pull’s decorative look. This also creates a strong fastening location for the handles and ensures durability as well as reliability. The threaded holes are offered in both standard and metric thread sizes. This enables users to easily buy mounting screws for assembly. The wire pulls are also made of different materials and lengths to meet the different strength needs and applications of users. These competitively priced wire pulls have numerous applications including being used in furniture, kitchen cabinets, restaurant equipment, computers, and even medical devices.

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