We have made it easier for Engineers to get the support they need designing components into their products.  So, when your product design calls for access hardware or other industrial hardware, come to and view or download many of our parts in 3D.

Since 1986, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has been providing high quality hinges, handles, and latches to OEMs.  Half our business is comprised of custom parts that are not in our catalog.

We provide:

  • Engineering and Design Help                     
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • PPAP / Testing Support
  • Continuous Improvement - ISO Certified                   

So, check us out.  Go to, select a part you’re interested in, and drop us into your design.  We think you will find us a good fit.


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We now offer our Shoulder Eye Bolts at very competitive prices!!    All sizes are in stock and ready to ship.

Shoulder Eye Bolts are used in vertical as well as angular lifts. The shoulder feature of these eyebolts provides more stability when lifting loads, keeping the shank of the eyebolt from rocking particularly when the load is heavy. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a large selection of eyebolts with shoulders which come in multiple sizes to suit our every customer’s needs. Each size is load-rated based on straight vertical lift. It is important to note that the rated capacity of eye bolts is substantially reduced when loading at an angle. Thus, loading must never be made at an angle that is greater than 45 degrees from the bolt center line. Otherwise, the rated capacity is reduced to ¼ of the eye bolt rating.

To ensure Stainless Steel eye bolt’s durability when exposed to the elements such as rigging or marine environment and for a high luster finish, each SPEP Stainless Steel shoulder eye bolt is passivated and  electropolished.

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E206SS E209SS E221SS




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Jun. 25th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has a new L-handle (also known as a lever handle) and latch assembly specifically designed for trash chute and linen chute doors. Each L-handle assembly features a handle, V-spindle, and a tubular latch which has a spring loaded bolt. The assembly acts like a slam-action latch which makes it perfectly suited for use on self-closing doors. Our L-handle was designed for both comfort and longevity; it has a comfortable grip and a polished chrome plated finish.  We offer both key-locking and non-locking L-handles.

Most trash and linen chute doors are fitted with T-handles but SPEP’s L-handle assembly makes a chute door easier to open. Thus, our assembly is ideal as a replacement for chute door T-handles, complying with ADA standards.





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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers an extensive selection of Trailer Parts and Accessories. This includes parts for the interior and exterior of RVs and Toy Haulers such as Barlocks which are perfect for the large doors of RVs and Trailers, cam locks and latches used on cabinets and utility doors, and various types of door holders to keep doors open. Other available SPEP parts and accessories are vents, plastic license plate holders, durable hinges, and load-rated tie downs used in horse trailers, car haulers, and utility trailers. Our various products are made of different types of materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, and die cast, enabling SPEP to meet every customer’s needs.

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Jun. 04th

Plastic switch cups are used to fasten toggle switches in RVs, Toy Haulers and Horse Trailers. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures switch cups using durable plastic material that is long-lasting due to the addition of UV inhibitors. This additional protection helps prevent the degradation of the plastic when exposed to the sun’s UV rays and salt air. In addition, the surface of the cups has light texture that makes it scratch-resistant.  SPEP’s  competitively priced plastic switch cup includes up to four punch holes, allowing customers to only punch out the number of holes they need with respect to the amount of toggle switches they have.

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