Jan. 09th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers various quarter turn latches including latches constructed from 316SS material. Both the plug and housing are constructed using 316SS material to provide excellent corrosion resistance, easily outperforming latches constructed from 304SS material and making them an ideal fastener in harsh environments. SPEP 316SS Quarter turn latches were designed with various industries in mind. These latches are the perfect match to various types of 316SS enclosure cabinets such as electric panels. Each latch was designed with an internal O-ring and Gasket in order to create a water and dust-resistant seal ensuring a more robust enclosure that protects its contents from moisture and dirt. Our quarter turn latches come in non-locking and locking versions. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products also offers stainless steel pawls in different offsets to suit the various needs of our customers.

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part no. 41-00SST Slotted Plug Quarter Turn Latch Part no. 41-11SST Locking L-Handle Quarter Turn Latch Part no. 41-12SST T-Handle Quarter Turn Latch Part no. 41-15SST Non-locking L-Handle Quarter Turn Latch
41-00SST 41-11SST 41-12SST 41-15SST


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