Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) has released a new catalog featuring more than 500 new products.  SPEP is an ISO 9001 certified, competitively priced supplier of hinges and industrial hardware. SPEP is proud to announce this extensive product addition to its already robust hardware offerings. The 500 new items include pulls, knobs, handles, latches, hinges, hasps and staples, tie-downs and door holders, locks, RV products, and NEMA accessories.
In the past, requests for SPEP catalogs have been the most frequent inquiries at SPEP call centers, and the trend has continued with this new catalog. The new catalog now features imperial and metric dimensions.
The previously issued 2012 catalog generated a high volume of new product requests and has solidified many new loyal customers. Years of experience, and the latest CAD and FEA technology, enables SPEP to craft uniquely manufactured solutions for its customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. SPEP's MJM and FDM Prototype Department quickly brings customer's hardware concepts to reality.


Keywords: Pulls, Knobs, Handles, Latches, NEMA, JIC, Hinges, Hasps, Staples, Cam Locks, Tie-downs, Door holders, RV Products, Eyebolts
Aug. 19th

Oil tight hole seals are used to cover conduit or push button holes as well as seal any openings to prevent dirt, water, dust, and oil from entering an enclosure. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products oil tight hole seals come in various sizes, able to cover holes with diameters ranging from 3/16” to 4 5/8”. We now offer Oil tight hole seals in different materials and finishes.  If you need superior corrosion resistance – try SPEP’s 316SS hole seals.  These robust materials ensure the durability of the seals in different environments. Each set includes a cap, an oil-resistant gasket, a backplate, and a wing nut. All Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products Oil Tight Hole Seals are UL 508A Recognized components.

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T132SST-10 T128-10 T120SS T124 T126-10 T116


Keywords: openings, round, all sizes, grey, brushed, grained, electrical, textured
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