Feb. 21st

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products (SPEP) has just released a new line of fixed grip quarter turn latches with unique new aesthetics. Parts feature a large “mushroom head” plug, which is sleek, low profile, and comes in both matte black powder coat and textured chrome finishes. Nitrile face gaskets and internal o-rings make them water-tight and perfect to use for protecting electrical equipment per NEMA & UL type 12 or 4 industrial enclosure requirements (IP65 ingress protection seal).

Each of the three tool activated styles (slotted, 8mm square, & 7mm triangle) features a directional indicator dot on the face to let you know which way the cam is pointing even when the door is closed. Various zinc plated offset cams snap into place with the included detent washer and the two available body lengths (16mm & 24mm) allow them cover a wide array of possible grip ranges. Parts fit into the industry standard installation cut-out and can be easily swapped out with older quarter turns to modernize the look of your product.

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Low Profile Quarter Turns

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Feb. 07th

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products is excited to announce the release of our new hand-polished, stainless-steel latches, to our already popular 6-Dash lineup. These new latches are 316 stainless-steel, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They come in both locking (two ringed keys included) and non-locking versions. The flush mount design and concealed mounting hardware give these latches a simple, clean, look. Ideal for the emergency vehicle (fire trucks, ambulances, etc.) and boat industries, as the clean, flush design will not get caught up on anything, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

SPEP offers 8 different versions of this 316 SS latch, to accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses, from .079 to .866 inches. Each one of these high-quality latches comes with mounting screws, a mounting bracket, and a keeper/strike plate. In addition to the stainless-steel models, this latch is available in all the same sizes, in a polished / chrome plated, die cast zinc version. Our new latches are in stock and ready to ship.

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Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products is excited to announce the release of our new sealed T-handles. Each handle features both internal O-rings and an external face gasket to protect against the ingress of water and dust. These handles are intended for NEMA, CSA, and UL type 12 ratings (IP64), making them ideal for electronic enclosures or any other industry application requiring smooth functionality and a tight seal. Made from rugged die cast zinc material with soft lines and a bright chrome plated finish, these parts offer good protection from rust and will stand the test of time. The square threaded shaft on the back interfaces with many other SPEP cams and latches featuring a 5/16” square hole and 3/8” threaded positioning nuts. In addition to the basic blind-mounted handle, key locking handles are also available and feature a stainless steel dust shutter to protect the lock from the elements. Parts are in stock, so contact us today to speak with a friendly sales representative and request a quote.

Sealed Blind Mount T-Handles
Available in locking and non-locking


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Nov. 14th

Meet Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) new product family

Constant Torque Hinges

Highlights & Features:

• Option to choose from symmetric or asymmetric torque hinges
• Consistent torque performance over 25,000 cycles or more (20,000 for other competitors)
• Smooth & quiet operation over hinge lifetime
• Hinges have a 270° operating rotation
• Minimal to no spring-back or free-play
• Choice of higher torque options without compromising performance
• Automated assembly of hinges provides a consistency of quality and low cost
• All hinges are RoHS compliant

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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a great selection of lift-off hinges. Known in the industry as Loose Joint, Take-apart or Slip Joint hinges, they allow a door to be easily removed without removing the fasteners or using tools. Different material and finish options are available. Most hinges are available in stock and ready for shipping as SPEP stocks a huge variety. Contact us at for more information.

Stainless Steel Lift-off Hinges


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Sep. 26th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a wide variety of T-Handles to fit all your needs. The latest addition to SPEP's extensive product catalog includes a patented stainless-steel, multi-point design with padlocking feature and a flush-folding T-handle for a sleek and modern appearance (part no. 496SS-L). Also available is Sierra Pacific's patented SS single-point, folding T-handle with nylon cam roller (part no. 479-KD). Contact us at for more information on these products.



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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products  recently released an additional version to its NEW family of L-handles. The new part features a padlockable aspect for added security. The new patented style will soon be available in different sized handles as well as various shaft sizes and finishes. Uses include: Electronic enclosures, backyard sheds, truck bodies and any other place an L-handle is currently used. Nema 4 and IP64 requirements are achievable by using purchasable gaskets. Call your SPEP representative for pricing and information.


Keywords: 3370LK New Heavy Duty L-Handle, industrial hardware, handles, electronic enclosures, backyard sheds, truck bodies, NEMA 4

Meet Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products latest addition to our Cabinet Latch accessories - Stainless Steel Tubular Rods!

The rods are made of strong tubular Stainless Steel material. Durable Nylon Wheels are assembled using 300-series Stainless Steel rivets. 

These SS Tubular rods are perfect, if ordinary steel rods just won't do.

SS Tubular rods can be made to special lengths or different hole patterns.  Other Stainless Steel cabinet latch accessories are available, such as Cams, Rod Guides and Bolts.

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