Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) has released a new catalog featuring more than 500 new products.  SPEP is an ISO 9001 certified, competitively priced supplier of hinges and industrial hardware. SPEP is proud to announce this extensive product addition to its already robust hardware offerings. The 500 new items include pulls, knobs, handles, latches, hinges, hasps and staples, tie-downs and door holders, locks, RV products, and NEMA accessories.
In the past, requests for SPEP catalogs have been the most frequent inquiries at SPEP call centers, and the trend has continued with this new catalog. The new catalog now features imperial and metric dimensions.
The previously issued 2012 catalog generated a high volume of new product requests and has solidified many new loyal customers. Years of experience, and the latest CAD and FEA technology, enables SPEP to craft uniquely manufactured solutions for its customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. SPEP's MJM and FDM Prototype Department quickly brings customer's hardware concepts to reality.


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Aug. 19th

Oil tight hole seals are used to cover conduit or push button holes as well as seal any openings to prevent dirt, water, dust, and oil from entering an enclosure. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products oil tight hole seals come in various sizes, able to cover holes with diameters ranging from 3/16” to 4 5/8”. We now offer Oil tight hole seals in different materials and finishes.  If you need superior corrosion resistance – try SPEP’s 316SS hole seals.  These robust materials ensure the durability of the seals in different environments. Each set includes a cap, an oil-resistant gasket, a backplate, and a wing nut. All Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products Oil Tight Hole Seals are UL 508A Recognized components.

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T132SST-10 T128-10 T120SS T124 T126-10 T116


Keywords: openings, round, all sizes, grey, brushed, grained, electrical, textured

We now offer Shoulder Eye Bolts at very competitive prices!! All sizes are in stock and ready to ship.

Shoulder Eye Bolts are used in vertical as well as angular lifts. The shoulder feature of these eyebolts provides more stability when lifting loads, keeping the shank of the eyebolt from rocking particularly when the load is heavy. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a large selection of eyebolts with shoulders which come in multiple sizes to suit our every customer’s needs. Each size is load-rated based on straight vertical lift. It is important to note that the rated capacity of eye bolts is substantially reduced when loading at an angle. Thus, loading must never be made at an angle that is greater than 45 degrees from the bolt center line. Otherwise, the rated capacity is reduced to ¼ of the eye bolt rating.

To ensure Stainless Steel eye bolt’s durability when exposed to the elements such as rigging or marine environment and for a high luster finish, each SPEP Stainless Steel shoulder eye bolt is passivated and  electropolished.

Now also available in 316SS material.
Other materials also available in stock, such as forged steel, 304SS and forged steel with zinc plated finish.

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E206SS E209SS E221SS E224SS


Keywords: fasteners, hardware, tool, marine, rigging, threaded, lifting, shank, high strength, anchoring, wire, rope, chain, non-corrosive, rust resistant, industrial
Feb. 17th

Magnetic catches are simple, cost-effective alternatives to latches that provide a great deal of flexibility and cost savings. They are used in various industries, including medical cabinets, electronic enclosures, and retail signage & display. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a wide range of magnetic catches to suit the differing needs of their customers.  Low strength magnetic catches with a holding force measuring from less than a pound and heavy duty types for up to 24 lbs of force.

Magnetic catches are easy to install; they can be mounted using steel flat head screws or select snap-in catches, eliminating the necessity of mounting hardware.

Low profile magnetic catches suitable for concealed applications are available at Sierra Pacific Engineering.  We offer magnetic catches with plastic housings for corrosion resistance or Die Cast Zinc Housings with Nickel-plated finishes for a smooth and sophisticated look.  Keepers are also included with some of the SPEP magnetic catches.

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D400BK-01 D404 D415-01 D409W


Keywords: Magnetic, snap-in, push-to-close, cabinets, concealed, electronic enclosures
Jan. 09th

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers various quarter turn latches including latches constructed from 316SS material. Both the plug and housing are constructed using 316SS material to provide excellent corrosion resistance, easily outperforming latches constructed from 304SS material and making them an ideal fastener in harsh environments. SPEP 316SS Quarter turn latches were designed with various industries in mind. These latches are the perfect match to various types of 316SS enclosure cabinets such as electric panels. Each latch was designed with an internal O-ring and Gasket in order to create a water and dust-resistant seal ensuring a more robust enclosure that protects its contents from moisture and dirt. Our quarter turn latches come in non-locking and locking versions. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products also offers stainless steel pawls in different offsets to suit the various needs of our customers.

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41-00SST 41-11SST 41-12SST 41-15SST


Keywords: Quarter Turn, Quarter-Turn, 1/4 turn, 1/4-turn, tool activated, L handle, T handle, cabinet, compartment,
Aug. 23rd

Print pockets provide users with a convenient and effective place for storing documents. This can be easily placed on a wall, a door, and even on the side of an enclosure. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products print pockets, made of high impact polystyrene, are designed to provide quick access to important documents such as drawings, operation manuals, instructions, and the like by eliminating the need to search for necessary documents in cabinets or drawers. These print pockets also have cut away areas that allow users to easily view its contents. SPEP print pockets come in 2 sizes and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces including the walls of cabinet enclosures and the like. Customers can choose between print pockets that are self-adhesive or those that require screws for heavy duty applications. Our competitively priced print pockets are available in industry standard ANSI-61 gray color. Customers who wish to have a logo on their print pockets can have it customized for a very low fee, just one of the services Sierra Pacific Eng & Prod offers.

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Print Pockets


Keywords: Print pockets, Simple enclosures

A slam latch is designed to secure a door or a lid by pushing it closed or slamming it without damaging the latch. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products have several kinds of slam latches available including the plastic push button slam latch, better known as our 2-11BK and 2-13BK series latches.

SPEP’s plastic push button slam latches are easy to use; simply pushing the button will open the latch. When the button is pushed, a spring loaded bolt retracts. The latches are made of glass-reinforced nylon, a material that provides strength and rigidity to any product while minimizing the possibility of warpage. These slam latches are designed to be resistant to corrosion. In addition, the improved water resistant design of these latches prevents water and dust from entering.

SPEP push button slam latches come with key-locking or non-locking mechanisms. All are supplied with Strike and optional Finger Pull. These latches can be used in both interior and exterior applications; perfect for glove boxes in go carts, marine use, and other applications requiring durability, corrosion resistance, and sealing.

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2-11BK01 2-11BK02 2-13BK01 2-13BK02


Keywords: Volkswagon, Compartment Doors, Push-to-close, RV, Motorhome, Thumb Pull, o-rings, sealed, dust proof, outdoor, durability
Jul. 01st

A pawl latch is commonly used to secure hinged panels such as electronic enclosures as well as other applications wherein the latch is mounted on a thin sheet of metal. Similar to cam locks, it has a rotating cam that allows the latch to move from a locked to an unlocked position and vice versa. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers pawl latches with an adjustable grip. Our pawl latches have a 90 degree rotation for quarter turn action. They can be set to rotate in either a clockwise or counterclockwise operation. The pawl can be installed forward or reversed. The Pawl can be adjusted on the Latch Shaft according to a customer’s specific grip.

SPEP T-handle pawl latches come in 3 different sizes.  Also available is a Wire Bail handle latch in medium size. Our selection has single-point, two-point, and three-point pawl latches. The latch assembly includes the pawl and mounting hardware.

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16-25 16-50 16-1505 16-3006



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