Create Your Own Hinge

For every task there is the right tool for the job. Many times that tool can be found as an off the shelf item but occasionally the right tool must be made just for that task. We at Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products are here to provide the tool you need for your product. If you look below you can see a rather unique continuous hinge we provided to a customer that makes rolling catalog cases. This hinge allows our customer to sew the hinge directly into the case creating a more durable and professional case. This hinge is a completely custom solution that we were able to develop for the customer.

If you believe your product needs its own custom piece of hardware like a hinge or handle please give us a call. Our talented sales and engineering tea will help to develop the best product for you. To assure you that we produce quality goods we have become ISO 9001 certified in 2003.


Keywords: Custom Steel Hardware, Custom Stainless Steel Industrial Hardware
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