Custom Latch Solution

One of our specialties at SPEP is our ability to quickly and efficiently design and produce a completely custom piece of hardware for your product. Here is the story of one of the many custom latches we make. Our customer made waste water sampling products and would buy a semi-custom rubber component from one manufacturer,1 spring from a spring manufacturer, and 9 stainless steel components from a contract manufacturer.  After acquiring all of these subcomponents, our customer then assembled their latch in house. Sierra Pacific approached them with a turnkey solution. We now supply the latch “ready to mount” out of the box (see the photo below). The customer now has to keep track of one SKU as opposed to the previous 11 subcomponents. Not to mention saving labor for the assembly of the latch.


If you have current an idea for a custom piece of hardware or already assembling it yourself please call our talented sales team at (310) 608-0693. We are a 100% ESOP and ISO 9001 certified company.




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