October 08th, 2014

Heavy duty magnetic catches are the perfect solution to keeping heavy doors closed when using a latch assembly isn’t an option. Magnetic catches offer a cleaner look than latch hardware without having to spend more than users are willing to. These magnetic catches are used in various industries and in many applications, including in cabinets, shutter doors, medicine cabinets, or in any situation that requires a higher strength magnet. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a variety of heavy duty magnetic catches that come in different sizes and types, some of which have a holding force up to 33lbs, and many are available with strike. Available options from SPEP include flush mountings, snap-ins (for fast & easy mounting that does not require the use of screws), and double plated magnetic catches (perfect for double doors that meet in the center such as cabinets for electronics). Heavy duty magnetic catches are available in different housing materials; plastic is available for an economy option, while die cast zinc is available for when a higher holding strength is a necessity. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products also offers magnetic catches that are specifically designed for screw mounting on two different planes.

Please contact us at www.SPEP.com for more information.



Keywords: Magnetic, snap-in, push-to-close, cabinets, concealed, electronic enclosures
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