January 18th, 2012

SPEP manufactures several varieties of hinges. As a hinge manufacturer and hinge supplier it is imperative that we not only use the highest level of quality to our customers and be innovative when it comes to finding solutions for our customers.  We have made hinges since 1986 that’s 26 years of experience as a leader in the hinge industry. We have prided ourselves on always delivering a product of high quality and at a lower cost than our competitors. Our specialty is producing custom hinges, so if you have an idea for a design or a design already in place please don’t hesitate to make us your hinge supplier.

SPEP is an ISO 9000 certified company producing only the highest quality hinges and industrial hardware. We have grown through the years by meeting every customer specification and ensuring we meet their expectations. If you feel we have hinge for you or if you would like a custom made industrial butt hinge please give our talented sales team a call at (310) 608-0693.

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