Unique Stainless Steel Hinge - 1005SS and 1008SS

These two hinges constitute Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products’ unique stamped stainless steel versions of an industry standard hinge. Such a hinge normally is made of die cast zinc and chrome plating, however this version is prone to pitting when exposed to corrosive road salt. Sierra Pacific has greatly improved on the design with its patented stainless steel hinge, which will not pit under such conditions. There are other benefits to the stainless design. For example, cast hinges can fracture upon impact, but stamped hinges will only dent when a major force applied. Please contact us to learn more about the design improvements of the 1005SS and 1008SS hinges. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is proud of offer a hinge with numerous benefits and to offer it at a cost comparable to the traditional zinc cast legacy version.


                                                 P/N 1005SS                                                                                       P/N 1008SS

Keywords: patented stainless steel hinge, corrosion resistant
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