As industrial suppliers we are used to producing products that can withstand the abuse of industry applications. We do this by selecting the proper materials for the job and designing the best parts in the industry. We have created outline of industrial latches following the principals above. We have a whole range of latches that are fit for an industrial application. Our multi-point latches are a prime example of this. These latches are used in the trailer industry to secure large doors during transportation or close shut large doors on cabinets or enclosures. Our line of recessed latches is another prime example of an industrial latch. These latches sit below the mounting plane to create a slim and unobtrusive latch that will not get in the way. This is why they are a prime candidate for application like truck bodies or electronic enclosures.

                SPEP prides itself on the quality of products and level of customer care we provide. If you think we can supply you with a product we have listed on out site or you have an idea for a new one, please give us a call at 310-608-0693.


Keywords: Industrial Latches, Stainless Steel Industrial Latches

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