November 05th, 2011

SPEP is releasing a brand new line of plastic hinges that will have application in many of the things we use every day. The first part of the line, are small butt hinges that are from 1” to 3” in length. These hinges have many advantages due to their construction, all of the hinges have stainless steel plastic pin to ensure that corrosion does not affect the hinge. This means that the hinge will perform well in harsh environments like on a boat or outside exposed to the elements.  The plastic will obviously have no problem in a corrosive environment or one with high UV exposure as we have added UV stabilizers to prevent damage.  

These hinges have a variety of fastening options available as well. There are hinges are made for M3 to M6 with either a counter sink or counter bore. While the hinges may look small they are mighty. The hinges can withstand loads between 50 and 200lbs. in a radial load or 35 to 170lbs. in axial load.

Plastic hinge


SPEP is a 100% ESOP, meaning that our employees own 100% of the company. This creates a unique view on quality from our employees. Everyone shares in the responsibility of getting a high quality product to the customer and we all have a stake in the success of the company.  We are also ISO 9000 certified meaning we meet and exceed international quality standards.

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