November 05th, 2011

The new line of plastic hinges that we are making includes not just butt hinges but plastic take-apart-hinges. These light weight, high value hinges would work well in an enclosure where the door may need to be removed for easy access or disassembly. The center pin is removable allowing the door to quickly come off when needed. As always we think about how to create a long lasting part for our customers. This is why we zinc plate the center pin to resist corrosion and improve the life of the hinge. Enven though these hinges can be taken apart they are very strong and can withstand up to 150lbs in a radial or axial load.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is an ISO 9001 certified company meaning quality is always our top concern. We specialize in industrial hardware including hinge, latches and handles. We also can create custom hardware for your application. If you feel we can be of assistance please feel free to call us at (310)608-0693.

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