August 23rd, 2013

Print pockets provide users with a convenient and effective place for storing documents. This can be easily placed on a wall, a door, and even on the side of an enclosure. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products print pockets, made of high impact polystyrene, are designed to provide quick access to important documents such as drawings, operation manuals, instructions, and the like by eliminating the need to search for necessary documents in cabinets or drawers. These print pockets also have cut away areas that allow users to easily view its contents. SPEP print pockets come in 2 sizes and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces including the walls of cabinet enclosures and the like. Customers can choose between print pockets that are self-adhesive or those that require screws for heavy duty applications. Our competitively priced print pockets are available in industry standard ANSI-61 gray color. Customers who wish to have a logo on their print pockets can have it customized for a very low fee, just one of the services Sierra Pacific Eng & Prod offers.

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Print Pockets


Keywords: Print pockets, Simple enclosures
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