August 16th, 2011

Rotary Latches are the same latches that we all use in our car doors every day. When the door is closed a rod that is attached to the door comes in to contact with the latch and then the catch on the latch deflects to allow the rod through. Once the rod is inside the catch it can only be released through the use of the release mechanism. This simple and effective latch is seen everywhere from tool boxes to the sleeper cans on tractor trailers.  They are high quality latches that are not only secure but effective at keeping things closed.

SPEP is a 100% ESOP, meaning that our employees own 100% of the company. This creates a unique view on quality from our employees. Everyone shares in the responsibility of getting a high quality product to the customer and we all have a stake in the success of the company.  We are also ISO 9000 certified meaning we meet and exceed international quality standards.


Keywords: Rotary Latches, Rotary Latch

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