The electronic enclosure industry is always evolving. It is becoming more and more common that our customers require certification and approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for their completed products. There is often a lot of confusion surrounding these requirements, which we hope to clear up.

NITW (US) / NITW7 (CN) – Accessory recognition (final enclosure listing required) for US & Canada respectively

NITW2 (US) / NITW8 (CN) – Component recognition (final enclosure listing required) for US & Canada respectively

FTTA (US) / FTTA7 (CN) – Accessory listing (no testing required on final enclosure) for US & Canada respectively

FTTA2 (US) / FTTA8 (CN) – Component recognition (hydro test only on final enclosure) for US & Canada respectively


“UL Recognized” (components & sub-components) --- SPEP carries a variety of parts that are either UL recognized or include sub-components (such as O-rings and gaskets) which have some degree of UL certification. These items are intended for incorporation into a larger product or system (an enclosure for instance), which may be eligible for a UL Listing separately. Recognized components may feature the UL recognition mark on their packaging. See below for SPEP’s UL file card related to our hole seal products as an example.


“UL Listed” (final products) --- This means that UL has tested representative samples of the product, determined it meets UL’s requirements, and is ready for use by the eventual end-user. As a component supplier, this type of certification does not usually apply to our products and is reserved for finished goods that will not be included as a component in a larger assembly. Certain simple accessories (such as hole seals) can potentially qualify for “listed” status when supplied with the appropriate installation instructions. A UL Listed product may specify certain components from particular suppliers that must be used in its assembly for approval to be valid.

Getting products certified by UL is a great way to guarantee high quality to customers and market your products to have the competitive edge. The process can be complicated, but finding the right hardware is easy by taking advantage of the expert know-how that SPEP has to offer. Give us a call today!

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