Our most recent catalog can now be downloaded in Spanish at spep.com.  This new catalog features over 4,500 products, with 500 of them being new.  Keep in mind that half of the parts that SPEP produces are custom and never appear in the catalog.

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products provides high quality, industrial access hardware to businesses.  OEM’s, contract manufacturers and distributors come to SPEP to save money, solve quality issues and to reduce inventory (we stock the product in our warehouses).

We are ISO 9001 certified, have a talented engineering staff and are employee owned.   So if you have a need for latches, hinges, handles, pulls, magnetic catches, knobs, cam locks, tie downs, door holders or NEMA accessories go to spep.com or give us a call at 800 433-5554.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products – Quality and Service taken personally.


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