October 15th, 2011

We at SPEP have added a new robust pull down latch to our product catalog. These latches with their robust design can handle loads from 25-100 lbs. The addition of a padlock eye to the latch creates a very secure latching solution for a variety of applications like portable cases, electronic enclosures and water resistant containers.  This latch is the perfect solution for applications were gaskets are used because the increased pull strength of the latches will help to keep the gaskets sealed. We have also designed the latch to be extremely durable by creating a stainless steel version to resist harsh environments. 

Spring Draw Latch

SPEP is a 100% ESOP, meaning that our employees own 100% of the company. This creates a unique view on quality from our employees. Everyone shares in the responsibility of getting a high quality product to the customer and we all have a stake in the success of the company.  We are also ISO 9000 certified meaning we meet and exceed international quality standards.

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