A piano hinge is a hinge that runs the entire length of the material. These hinges can also be called continuous hinges because the knuckles of the hinge run the entire length of part. Here at SPEP we understand that longevity is an essential feature to any product which is why we have created  stainless steel piano hinges. These hinges can be a made of stainless steel, or and even higher grade stainless called 316L. These materials will ensure that you stainless steel piano hinge will last for many year without any signs of corrosion.

SPEP is an ISO 9001 certified company so you can be assured that quality is at the heart of business. We are also a 100% E.S.O.P. company meaning each employee at SPEP owns a piece of the company. This means we each a personal stake in our business and the quality products we produce. If you feel we can make we make a product for you please give us a call at (310)608-0693.




Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

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