Hasp and staples are simple latches that include the staple which has the “eye” for a lock and the hasp that flips over the staple to lock whatever enclosure it is on. These hasps have been used in a multitude of applications so we at SPEP have made some our designs out of stainless steel creating a completely stainless steel staple and hasp. This material is great for any hasp and staple that will be outdoors or in a harsh environment. As mentioned above all of our hasp and staples have an eye so they can be locked by and standard consumer padlock or combination lock.

At SPEP we take great pride in the quality of all of our products. This can be seen in our designs and manufacture of our products as well as our ISO 9001 certification. This certification shows our commitment to quality is a step above and is always on our mind. We are also a 100% ESOP company, so our company name doesn’t just stand behind our product, we do too.

Keywords: Stainless Steel Staple, Stainless Steel Hasp                  

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