Stainless Steel Footman Loops

Footman loops are pieces of anchoring hardware used in a variety of ways including attaching straps to doors as well as other objects. These handle-shaped fittings are usually found on jeeps, boats, mechanic shops, attic doors, and even fire trucks. Bolts are used to attach each end of a footman loop to an object while the “handle” shape creates enough space between the fitting and the object, allowing an anchor strap or something similar to pass through it. Footman loops come in different lengths and mounting dimensions to suit different applications; larger loops are better suited for handling heavier loads or for attaching to bigger doors. Being made from stainless steel ensures that the footman loop has greater longevity and durability, even in corrosive or moist environments such as in or around salt water. Thus, stainless steel footman loops have long-lasting reliability.


                         P/N 9901SS                                                             P/N 9902SS


                           P/N 9903SS                                                             P/N 9904SS


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