Stainless Steel Handles 

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we stand behind each and every handle that comes off the shop floor. Our dedication to our product stems from a confidence in the engineering of our stainless steel handle, which has been purposefully designed to eliminate wear and tear. Our stainless steel handles have been used in a variety of industries for different applications, such as lockers, vehicles, factory applications, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

We specialize in creating durable and highly functional stainless steel handles that last. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we value quality above all. We employ the best engineers in the industry and we stand behind our ISO9001 certification. We also pride ourselves on our streamlined production process, and we are able to offer competitively priced stainless steel handles without sacrificing quality.

Sierra Pacific Engineering values quality, safety, and innovation. Sierra Pacific Engineering is a 100% ESOP company, meaning that our employees are the sole owners of the company. At Sierra Pacific, we have found that because our employees have a personal investment in success, all of our products are crafted with keen ingenuity and a commitment to excellence.  Each individual piece of hardware is engineered with quality, safety, and innovation in mind at every step.  Sierra Pacific Engineering meets quality management standards and the needs of customers as an ISO 9001 certified company.

            P/N 309-SS-P                                         P/N 308SS-1250                                   P/N 3921


             P/N 324SS                                                  P/N 301SS                                            P/N 305B



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