Marine hinges are specially constructed for lids and doors that are constantly exposed to salt water or similar harsh environments. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a wide variety of stainless steel marine hinges that can be used for different purposes such as to secure the lid of a boat locker or a cabin door. All the hinges are designed to withstand the marine environment as well as other similar highly corrosive environments. The leaves and pins of these hinges are made of 302 / 304SS material. The holes of the hinges are countersunk for fastening strength as well as to create a smooth look and feel.  The hinges undergo the electropolishing process which smoothens and streamlines the surface of the metal, creating a high luster finish while providing corrosion resistance.  SPEP’s Stainless Steel marine hinges are perfect for boat or marine uses, designed specifically for both durability and aesthetics.

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M0990 M0998 M1009 M1067 M1010 M0995  






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