A butt hinge is a basic hinge that will have between 4 and 8 knuckles and made usually of steel or stainless steel. A common butt hinge that we use every day is the hinges that support almost all doors. All of the butt hinges we produce except for our plastic hinges can be welded creating a weld-on butt hinge. This ability is excellent when high strength is needed between the mounting surface and the hinge. Fasteners are strong but they can be removed while a welded hinge is far more permanent. In the event that a tampering resistance is needed a welded hinge is far more secure than a hinge that is bolted. We make our weld-on butt hinges from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and 316 stainless steel.

SPEP is an ISO 9000 certified company producing only the highest quality hinges and industrial hardware. We have grown through the years by meeting every customer specification and ensuring we meet their expectations. If you feel we have hinge for you or if you would like a custom made industrial butt hinge please give our talented sales team a call at (310) 608-0693.

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