August 01st, 2011

Weldable hinges are designed to be permanently fastened to the mounting surface by welding it. Theses hinges are designed to be used in regular consumer applications as well as commercial applications. Our weldable barrel hinges include weld guides which help to provide a lip where the weld bead will go. A weldable hinge must have some vital characteristics that make them suitable for operations such as welding. First the part must have a surface that will easily attach to another surface. Flat surfaces like the tabs on the barrel hinges are an example of this. The material must also be easily welded which is why we use common steel that have great weldability.

Our high quality weldable hinges will perform in ever application and exceed your expectations.  SPEP is a high quality manufacturer of thousands of industrial hardware products. We also specialize in manufacturing custom products so if you feel we can make custom products for you please let us know.

Keywords: Weldable Hignes


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