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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures a wide range of high quality stainless steel locks that provide tamper-resistant security to doors, windows, hatches and drawers on many types of vehicles and enclosures. OEMs trust our locks to withstand heavy use, and they find that our hardware coordinates well with their end products’ look and feel.

Our most popular stainless steel locks are cam locks, which use the same mechanism as most house and car locking systems. Cam locks operate under the idea of converting circular motion - the turning of a key - into linear motion, as the cam slides into a keeper or over a door frame.

By optimizing SPEP’s manufacturing processes, cost reductions, and ever-improving build quality, you win by getting great stainless steel locks at a great price. With SPEP locks installed, you can be sure entry into a bus, RV, truck, trailer, crate, shed, or electronics enclosure will only be granted to key holders.

For questions about which SPEP stainless steel locks would be most appropriate for your OEM application, visit our contact page to submit a query to our customer service department.


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