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Sheet metal latches are latches that are designed to be used on sheet metal that is used for electronic enclosures. This is why we have developed our latches to preform to the strict guidelines of the NEMA and JIC standards. The standards create a unified way to enclose electronics and stop the elements from harming the components. These latches are specifically designed to mount to sheet metal with either rivets or fasteners. If a NEMA approved latch is used with an electronic enclosure you can be assured that the latch will continually preform in all conditions for a number of years.  These latches come in many finish and materials to best suit your application.

We here SPEP are completely committed to quality, this is evident by out ISO 9001 certification. You can be assured our products will exceed your expectations. If you feel our products is a match for you please give our sales team a call at (310) 608-0693.


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