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SIERRA PACIFIC Engineering and Products (SPEP) is the premier business to business supplier of engineered products and solutions. SPEP specializes in competitively priced, high quality latches, hinges, hasps, pull knobs, handles, and cam locks.


Our engineering team is constantly developing new products to lead the industry, with cost reduction and product improvement being perpetual goals. In addition to the items found in our catalog, we supply custom hardware to many of our customers. Our CAD, FEA and Fused deposition modeling (FDM) machine are some of the tools we use to overcome many of the obstacles encountered during product development.

Hi-tech manufacturing processes facilitate extremely competitive pricing. Our in-house Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine allows us to rapidly convert your vision into a prototype within just a matter days. We are rarely undersold, despite maintaining a commitment to top quality products and materials that other companies are not able to match for the same price.

We are dedicated to the concept that our customers are our most valuable resource. We strive to serve our customers as we would want to be served. Our relationship with our customers does not end when money changes hands; it is an ongoing process of ensuring continued satisfaction. We are interested in working with you on specially designed items and/or modifications of our catalog items. Contact SPEP to submit your design file for review.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products by fine-tuning current designs to make them even more functional and effective. SPEP has a reputation for using top of the line materials, employing the most skilled design engineers, and producing high quality hardware such as latches, hinges, and cam locks. It is a reputation we work hard for everyday and intend to uphold.

4041 Via Oro Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810


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