Unique Stainless Steel Hinge - 1005SS and 1008SS

These two hinges constitute Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products’ unique stamped stainless steel versions of an industry standard hinge. Such a hinge normally is made of die cast zinc and chrome plating, however this version is prone to pitting when exposed to corrosive road salt. Sierra Pacific has greatly improved on the design with its patented stainless steel hinge, which will not pit under such conditions. There are other benefits to the stainless design. For example, cast hinges can fracture upon impact, but stamped hinges will only dent when a major force applied. Please contact us to learn more about the design improvements of the 1005SS and 1008SS hinges. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is proud of offer a hinge with numerous benefits and to offer it at a cost comparable to the traditional zinc cast legacy version.


                                                 P/N 1005SS                                                                                       P/N 1008SS

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Explosion Venting Latches

Explosion Venting Latches provide quick venting in case of dangerous internal pressure or explosion. Our Explosion Venting Latch is carefully engineered to maintain a tight seal under normal, non-pressurized conditions. This seal prevents the escape of gasses and heat within a window of normal pressure conditions. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products abides by industry-standard pressure release ranges.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has also designed these Explosion Venting Latches to be spring/bolt tension adjustable, and the latches are offered in two sizes. The Explosion Venting Latches are ideal for any manufacturing process that involves potentially dangerous gasses, dust particles, heat or chemicals. Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Mineral, Chemical, Food Processing, Textile, and other manufacturers benefit from this essential safety feature, sold by Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products at a competitively low price.

                                                 P/N 174                                                                                            P/N 176

High quality explosion venting latches by Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products

Quality is always of the utmost importance, and we strive to continually create products that meet every expectation. We are ISO 9001 certified, which helps to show our full commitment to top quality manufacturing. We are also a 100% ESOP which means our employees are the sole owners of the company, so everyone has a stake in our success.

Note: According to Factory Mutual Global (FM), the maximum internal pressure latches should release is 50 lbs/ft2. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets this standard at 30 lbs/ft2 SPEP recommends that the lowest practical settings be used for the most optimized safety settings. 


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P/N 306 A Handle Designed For Strength.

The 306 handle was developed due to a customer not being satisfied with their cast handle. The customer used these handles on enclosures that housed expensive electronic equipment.  When enclosures were placed in rural areas, they sometimes fell victim to vandalism.  Vandals soon figured out that a strong impact could fracture the handle. So SPEP developed a handle with a robust design to withstand abuse.  Our handle and lock tabs are made from .25” thick steel to prevent it  from coming apart when subjected to the impacts of a hammer. It would deform and bend from the impacts but never crack apart.


If a robust handle is what your enclosure needs, PN 306 is the handle to do the job. We are also very experienced in developing custom hardware products to fit your application. Please give us a call at (310)608-0693 to talk to our experienced sales team.




Customer service and product quality are two things that you can count on when dealing with Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products. We sell a wide variety of standard “off the self”  hinges ranging from 1” wide butt hinges to 96” long continuous hinges. While these hinges may work for many applications, some applications require a completely custom solution. This is why we have the ability to produce completely custom hinges that will help to make the hinge a perfect fit for your product.

Every aspect of the hinge can be customized including the material, leaf size, overall length, hole pattern, pin size, knuckle length and finish. Buying a custom hinge with a hole pattern already on the hinge can save many man hours when it comes time for the hinge to be assembled on to the product. The hinge can simply be bolted on the product without having to drill holes in house. This can help to save time and money in the assembly process.

If you currently but hinges for your product and modify them to fit your application please give our sales team a call at (310) 608-0693 to see if we can make a hinge for you.

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Apr. 13th


This is Sierra Pacific’s unique “take” on an enclosure handle that has been in the industrial marketplace for decades.   Our handle’s mounting footprint is identical to those of its predecessors,  which makes upgrading to our handle a “no-brainer”  for the folks in your company’s engineering department. Especially if you want your product to stand out form the rest.

We feel our handle has a sleeker appearance when compared our competitors’ products, and  anyone who has gripped it will tell you it just feels better in your hand. An internal O-ring and escutcheon gasket make this handle a favorite in the electronic enclosure industry. For those of you who need to put 2 padlocks on one handle, our handle accommodates an optional bracket to facilitate that. Call Sierra Pacific today and get your hands on a  hand polished work of industrial art. 


Apr. 12th

A BBQ manufacturer came to us for a custom latch solution to work with their existing product. At the time they made their own stainless steel L-handle. They knew they wanted a recessed plastic latch that would allow the door to be slammed shut. They had found a plastic latch from a large manufacturer of latches but it was $3.00 over budget. Sierra Pacfic worked closely with their engineers and design that met all the design requirements and was within the customers budget.  Maybe there is a latch  on your product  that does not perform exactly as you want it to.   Or perhaps you would like to “design some costs” out of an existing component.  Call Sierra Pacific to discuss the possibilities.      


Custom Latch Solution

One of our specialties at SPEP is our ability to quickly and efficiently design and produce a completely custom piece of hardware for your product. Here is the story of one of the many custom latches we make. Our customer made waste water sampling products and would buy a semi-custom rubber component from one manufacturer,1 spring from a spring manufacturer, and 9 stainless steel components from a contract manufacturer.  After acquiring all of these subcomponents, our customer then assembled their latch in house. Sierra Pacific approached them with a turnkey solution. We now supply the latch “ready to mount” out of the box (see the photo below). The customer now has to keep track of one SKU as opposed to the previous 11 subcomponents. Not to mention saving labor for the assembly of the latch.


If you have current an idea for a custom piece of hardware or already assembling it yourself please call our talented sales team at (310) 608-0693. We are a 100% ESOP and ISO 9001 certified company.




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Create Your Own Hinge

For every task there is the right tool for the job. Many times that tool can be found as an off the shelf item but occasionally the right tool must be made just for that task. We at Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products are here to provide the tool you need for your product. If you look below you can see a rather unique continuous hinge we provided to a customer that makes rolling catalog cases. This hinge allows our customer to sew the hinge directly into the case creating a more durable and professional case. This hinge is a completely custom solution that we were able to develop for the customer.

If you believe your product needs its own custom piece of hardware like a hinge or handle please give us a call. Our talented sales and engineering tea will help to develop the best product for you. To assure you that we produce quality goods we have become ISO 9001 certified in 2003.


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