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Outside Or Inside Stop Hinges Made By The Best

The Best Engineers Make The Best Hinges

When you're in the market for stop hinges, you need to decide whether or not you want outside stop hinges or inside stop hinges. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, our stop hinges are top quality, regardless of whether they are inside or outside, so you can rest assured that any choice you make will be the right one. Stop hinges are used whenever the range of motion of a lid or door must be limited to or stopped at a specific angle. These are commonly used in medicine cabinets, electric switch boxes, and tool boxes. Here's a quick breakdown of the two choices:

Outside Stop Hinges - These hinges operate from a 180 degree angle or flat, open position, and stop at a fixed, specific angle (plus or minus three degrees). It moves from the open position and comes to a rest at the specified angle.

Inside Stop Hinges - These hinges start operations from the zero degrees, or closed position, toward the open position. They stop at a specified angle and move no further.

Our engineering team works around the clock to ensure that the stop hinges we produce are up to the Sierra Pacific and Engineering Products standard. We don't sacrifice function for good looks, and our focus is on the quality of the hinge. Our team of engineers is constantly working to improve design. If you have any specific requests, or special design questions, feel free to contact our customer support line. With enough time, we can make any realistic proposal come true. Our technical wizards will evaluate the request, offer up an estimated delivery cost and time, and take it from there. This allows you to specify the angles and features of our products.

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